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Seminars in Israel

Spring seminar 2008
Nebi Vural sensei has been teaching seminars in Israel for the past 8 years, twice a year, invited by Aikido Israel. For the past 8 years, Sensei has been “cleaning the house” and now it is beginning to show.
Throughout these passing years, the seminars have not become more spectacular nor has he brought with him more dazzling techniques. Vural Sensei has been simplifying and changing from year to year, and the teaching has never stayed the same, the only constant in his teaching being the deepening of the basic form, and the constant changing of it. The Form and its’ Fluidity.
The essence of this teaching is form. Searching for the exact positioning and timing of body and mind. This insistence on the basic movements is what emerges when one cleans all the unnecessary gestures and attitudes and what builds a solid base for movement.
This form, which Sensei teaches, is searched for in what is termed a “natural” way. This means without violence, rigidity, or force. This means that it can only be attained through a proper state of mind (non belligerent) and a discipline of practice.
And so are Nebi Vural’s Seminars. Everyone knows that there is no compromise for mediocrity. The classes are conducted with a relaxed strictness. Details of how to execute a technique are repeated over and over again. Basic body movements are the core of the class, and once this is grasped through practice – things change.
Change is the movement of the form. From the basic form, variations and richness is born. When Sensei teaches, it is not for the sake of form. It is meant to serve as a base for movement and adaptation to many different situations, to be used as a tool for life and living.
I wish to take this opportunity to thank Nebi Vural Sensei, on behalf of Aikido Israel and Centeraikido, for molding us into a strong and changing form.
Gadi Marcus