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About Aikido

It is difficult to say what Aikido is.

The name - Ai, meaning Harmony, or to join with, to converge. Ki, is the universal character for energy (Chi in Chinese), and Do, meaning a path, a way.

Maybe it is easier to say what Aikido is not. It is not a dance, although it deals with fluid movements and may appear to be dance-like. It is not a tool for destruction, although it is a martial art (this seems to be a contradiction) . It is not a tool for making one's self have a muscular body, although, through the continuous practice of Aikido one may have a fit body. It is not a tool to make yourself more important  but rather a tool to cut away all your falseness.

I know one thing for sure. Aikido is really difficult, looking back on 18 years of practice. It is so demanding, and at times so frustrating, since the goal of "harmony and peace" is never achieved. This goal, which is the ultimate goal of Aikido, living in harmony with one's self and other human beings, and not stopping until the whole of humanity is in harmony, is unbelievably difficult.

O Sensei (the founder of aikido) said that "aikido is a gift given by the god", so that all people will be able to learn harmony and peace. He never claimed to have invented Aikido, but rather have "discovered" it. This is his legacy - peace and harmony on earth between all people.

A goal which is never achieved, makes one less aware of the goal, and more aware of the moment. Aikido makes you more present in the moment and more aware of how you can be here and now.The goal of Aikido becomes the Way to achieve it, the Do (or Dao in Chinese). Through the practice of Aikido, one learns the Way.

And yes, Aikido is very enjoyable.